How to Pack your Bike

What you Need:

- A Prepaid Shipping Label provided by South Tampa Bicycle Co.

- A Bike Box : Your local Bike Shop can usually supply one for free.

- Bubble Wrap and / or Foam Wrap

- Zip Ties

- Packing Tape

- Filler Paper or Packing Foam (newspaper usually works fine)

- Small Clear Bag for accesories and hardware

How to Disassemble your Bike:

- Shift into the highest or easiest gear on your rear derailleur.

- Remove the pedals and front wheel.

- Remove the Handlebars by removing the stem faceplate, pulling bars away and replacing stem faceplate and hardware.

How to Wrap your Bike:

- Use the bubble wrap / foam to wrap the Frame, Forks and Rear Triangle. Secure in place with zip ties or tape.

- Cover and protect fragile areas such as the Rear Derailleur.

- Wrap and secure handlebars to the frame in the same manner.

- When placing the Frame into the box, be sure that no parts of the bike are touching the box without foam or padding in between.

- Place the Front Wheel into the box.

- Place Pedals and any extra hardware into small clear bag.

- Add additional packing paper or foam and be sure that all bike parts are secure.

- Close box and tape any open ends with packing tape. Secure the provided shipping label with clear packing tape; be sure to completely cover label with tape to protect from moisture.

- Bring to any UPS location or contact us to schedule a pickup.